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Welcome to SUP and Sunshyne. We offer a full service guided and photographed experience down the Salt River on Stand Up Paddle Boards. Our first passion is photography and the Salt River is easily one of the most beautiful places in AZ and it is super close to the Valley. Being so close to the River we are there all season and are happy to take you with us and show you how it's done and document your experience with high quality photography. Your experience includes SUP Boards, Delivery and Pick Up, a guide and a personal photographer to capture it all for you.

Some of you might just be here for the SUP Rentals and that's OK too. We offer daily rentals for you to use without a guide or photographer. You can pick up and drop the boards off in Mesa just miles from the River.

Book a Board

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Just SUP Rentals

Rent a high quality inflatable paddle board for the Day or multiple Days. 10'6" size is perfect for most people and easy to Handle. The 11' is for bigger people or those who want to take along a passenger or large dog.

Rentals come with Board, Paddle, Leash, Pump, (can be inflated before pick up) Tie downs

$40 Day

$65 2 day

$100 3 Day

Book a Jr. Board

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Jr. SUP Rentals

High quality 8' Inflatable SUP Board perfect size for kids ages 7- 12.

Rentals come with Board, Paddle, Leash, Pump, (can be inflated before pick up) Tie downs

$40 Day

$65 2 day

$100 3 Day

Book a Photographer/Guide

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Sunshyne Experience

The Full Service Sunshyne Experience includes Board Rentals, Delivery and Pick up, guide  photographer Sarah of Sunshyne Pix to document your day and capture beautiful images of you and your group enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Salt River. Images taken with a Canon Camera, delivered in a high res online gallery where you can download, share and order beautiful photo products. Many of Sarah's images have been published in Visit Mesa Tourism Brochures and Magazine and who knows, maybe a photo of you will be published next.       

Having an experienced Salt River Paddle Boarder with you on your journey takes all the worry away especially if this is your first time. We know the sweet spots to stop for breaks and where to launch and exit the Salt River to have he best experience possible. 

$250 Per Person/ 3-4 hours

$150 Per Person 1-2 hours

( the photography is worth that alone)

See the Wild Horses

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Salt River Wild Horses

Seeing the Salt River Wild Horses is a common occurrence when paddling down the Lower Salt River. They are protected and you may not approach them, but if you happen to coast right past them, you might just get amazing moments like this captured with a real camera. 

Seeing them is not guaranteed. 


Where do I pick up and dropoff Rentals?

Board Pick Up and Drop Off is located at my home near Power Rd and Broadway. This is on the way to the River if you are coming down the US 60. Address will be given with Rental Confirmation.

Arrangement of times can be made upon booking.

 Boards may be kept over night and multiple days with additional rental fees.

If you are booking the "Sunshyne Experience" you will have a lot less work to do. We will meet you at the River with the Boards ready to go and we will load them up and take them home from there.

Do you deliver or pick up?

Yes we can make arrangements for Delivery and Pick up for an additional $30 per board. This will be delivery at the River, not at your residence. A  flat delivery rate of $100 for 8+ boards.

What do I need for Paddling down the Salt River?

You will need two vehicles to paddle the Salt River. You drop one at the exit location, and one at the launch location.  Take the keys with you down the River so when you exit you can use that vehicle to drive back to the launch parking lot and get that vehicle. The River flows one way and there is no getting back up with out another vehicle or ride.

You must have a Tonto Parking Pass. These cost $8 and are available at the close by gas stations as well as at the Recreation Sites where they cost $12.

What should I pack on my board?

Valuables are not recommended. A small personal cooler with drinks and snacks. WATER and SUNSCREEN are a must. Sunglasses, hat, flip flops (not valuable ones) The boards have straps to secure a few things. A small back pack, fanny pack or a water bag are good for keeping car keys. Bug Spray if you will be out during sunset.

How long does it take?

Depends are where you launch and exit and how much cruising, paddling, and stopping to beach you do. It can take anywhere from 1.5 to 4.5 hours. We recommend Launching at Coons Bluff and exiting at Granite Reef. This is (we think) the prettiest part of the River. The Tubers don't have access to this area so it is not crowded and the wild horse and otters can be seen more regularly where there isn't a heavy crowd. If you are looking for more of a crowd and party atmosphere, the upper Salt River is where you will want to be.

What if I have never Paddle Boarded before?

There is a first time for everything. We are positive you will love it and it will become your new favorite hobby. Sitting is perfectly comfortable, you don't have to stand up. If you are standing up and it gets bumpy just bend your knees or sit down. This is an " at your own risk" activity. You are responsible for yourself and must be comfortable swimming and paddling yourself. Your paddle is your motor, you have control of the board when the paddle is in the water.

Do I have to inflate the board?

The boards can be inflated prior to pick up with the perfect PSI. We provide straps and help secure the boards to your vehicle. If you would rather inflate when you get there, a pump is provided. You may deflate the board for your drive  to drop off if you aren't comfortable with securing it with straps to your vehicle yourself.

Where are other places to Paddle Board besides the River?

There are many beautiful lakes to paddle board.

-Saguaro Lake

- Canyon Lake

-Roosevelt Lake

-Apache Lake

-Knoll Lake

-Blue Ridge Reservoir

- Bear Canyon Lake

Boards can me rented mulitple days to allow for trips to farther places.

SUP Photography by Sunshyne Pix

Sarah's photos of the Salt River have been published and featured in The Visit Mesa Brochures, website, and Ads. If you book her for your SUP Adventure, you could possibly be in the next publication. You will be featured on our Instagram as well.

Need to spice up your IG Feeds?? The photos you will get from this trip with be HOT!