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After photographing Jeneva's maternity session last month, it was such a pleasure to get to photograph little Vincent at 2 weeks old. I really love shooting newborn lifestyle. The babies are at home, being held by their families. They aren't being messed with by putting them in uncomfortable poses with silly props and hats. I've tried those style newborn sessions and the truth is, I felt like a jerk messing with the brand new babes like that. They weren't happy and it made it very time consuming to try to get them to be happy or to just pass out. Little Vincent barely ever let out a whimper. He was a little angel the whole hour and his session came out so sweet and natural. 

I think these photos are so precious, especially for a new mom. They don't stay this little very long at all, and it can all be very overwhelming. You might forget to stop and smell the baby powder. These photos will always bring you back to those first few weeks at home with a brand new baby.