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I decided to blog my vacation photos for a couple reasons:

1.) I take a ton of photos that I adore.

2.) I don't like posting them all on facebook and giving facebook ownership of the photos by doing so.

3.) I figure if you're here to look, it's because you want to see, not because I blew up your feed with my vacation photos. 

So that being said, thank you for visiting my blog. My little family and I had the best time in Rocky Point, Mexico thanks to our good friends Jim and Linda who have a beach house down there. Lance and I haven't been down there in years, not since we had children. So this was a whole new fun adventure showing the kiddos all the cool stuff the ocean has to offer.  When the tide was low in the morning and evening we walked for miles on the beach discovering sea creatures like crabs, octopus, sea snails, yes stingrays and fish. When the tide was high, we swam and swam. I think my 3 year old officially became a fish and lost all fear of the water on this trip.

We took one trip into town to the fish market and had lunch and shopped a bit. The rest of time was ALL beach baby. We had so much fun family time with Jim, Linda, Grama Kathy, and Poppy Glenn and the kiddos. So thankful for the time and memories made on this trip. Hope you enjoy the photos. 

So this was a very interesting discovery. The tide was way out and we went to investigate an odd looking shell stranded on the sand. Well, turns out, looks like this octopus had laid its eggs in this abandoned shell and the tide had left her high and dry so she had buried herself in the sand to stay wet. So we checked her out for a bit and relocated her and her babies to a deep tide pool. When we check on her on the way back, she had climbed inside and closed the shell. Sooo... interesting.

Don't worry, the crab escaped with it's life. He only lost one claw to Lucy the Crab Slayer.

I'd love to hear your comments! Leave some here! Thank you!

  • Vivi Solis

    on June 11, 2016

    Love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing. We love rocky point, but I don't think I've been on the side.