Stumbling upon a field of Sunflowers

Untitled photo

I adore Sunflowers, always have. My wedding bouquet even included sunflowers. I've seen photos of fields of sunflowers and never thought I would actually ever see one with my own eyes. I took my kiddos to a fun family event at a local farm and stumbled onto this field and couldn't believe my eyes. I was so excited. I of course had my camera with me but we were in no means Photo shoot ready. I kept thinking, wish I had a brush to brush her hair, wish she was wearing a beautiful flowing dress, wish I was looking a little more stylish myself... LOL. But then I just decided not to  care. It was so beautiful, just being there made me so happy! It was like heaven. I played around with freelensing too which is something I just started doing. That's where I detach me lens from the camera and tilt it and move it around to get a unique focus. It's really fun for photo geeks like myself and makes the images so dreamy looking I think. 

I'm looking forward to shooting here more, can't wait to create some beautiful photographs in this beautiful location for myself and for anyone else who loves sunflowers like I do.

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