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Have you heard about the Ghosts that haunt the Superstition Mountain Museum and Chapel in Mesa, AZ? Well... Legend has it, there is a Mother and a Son who died there at the turn of the Century in a fire. People have reported seeing them  after the museum closes watching the sunset. There are even reports of the Mother trying to scare away trespassers with smoke. Well... I went there and .... I saw them. Not only did I see them, they let me photograph them. How amazing right? The little boy is a perfect gentleman and has his very own little skeleton doll that he a carries with him. After I had been photographing them for a while, I think the Mother was getting angry and all of the sudden there was smoke everywhere. But I wasn't going to be scared away. I just kept shooting. Eventually the Sun set and the darkness moved in and they were gone. So wild!

Here are the photos I was able to get. I feel so honored they chose me to be able to capture thir spirit... literally.

Just kidding... I made that up. LOL. I love a good ghost story. But how amazing do these two look for their Halloween Photo Session? Like.... DEAD. So obsessed!

Great job @kirsti_marie with the styling and vision. 

Amazing Make up by @mac_girlie

Happy Halloween!!!