Sooooo Happy for these two ladies! They did it! They finished Nursing School and are officially RN's. This huge accomplishment is so deserving of some celebrating. Champagne,  Confetti, hot dresses,  hair and make up and  of course.... a photo session!! As you can tell by these photos, these are two real fun girls and we had the best time during this golden hour session. They brought plenty of Champagne, you know in case the cork pop wasn't a success the first time around. But it indeed was, so we did it a couple times. After the final shot when I said "alright that's a wrap" they both were so happy they burst into hugs and tears and it was the sweetest moment. I can't imagine all the hard work they went through to accomplish their goal. Congratulations Sarah and Melany! I'll be calling you for IV's in the future when I have too much champagne... lol. Just kidding.... no, no I'm not.