Randall Family Session :: Mesa, AZ - sunshynepix

I would like to introduce to you to one of my oldest friends, Kalisha Randall and her Husband Morgan and children Ky, Daxon, Brig, Reese and little Lenyx. Kalisha and I were fast friends when we cheered together with the Arizona Cardinals NFL Football Team for quite a few years. Oh the fun we had. It's crazy how life keeps moving and changing but after all these years, it's like we pick up right where we left off when we see each other again. It was such a pleasure to meet all of her kiddos too. I had met Ky and Daxon when they were babies. In fact Ky was a 29 week premature birth and the first time I saw him he was about 3lbs and was in an incubator. Look at how big that kid is now...

Kalisha also  has a unique story she said was okay that I shared here. When she was expecting her 5th child, Lenyx, her water broke at 23 weeks. She was put on bed rest and spend the next 6 weeks in the hospital until it was time to take the baby at 29 weeks since Kalisha's health was greatly at risk at this point. Sweet Lenys was delivered via C-section weighing 3lbs 4oz. When Kalisha woke up from surgery she couldn't speak, she had tubes coming out of her neck and 5 IV's in all. She learned that she almost lost her life. She was bleeding so heavily that even after 6 units of blood and recycling her own blood back into her, she lost nearly half of her blood volume. The hospital actually ran out of blood to give her. But... she survived, and by god's grace and her doctor's care so did her baby girl. After 93 days in NICU, Lenyx was headed home with her 4 older siblings. She remained on a feeding tube for some time. But to see her today, happy, healthy, and thriving is truly a miracle. Kalisha had to have a hysterectomy in the midst of all this as well, but is truly a miracle herself to be alive and raising her 5 children. 

Kalisha has since been asked to Speak and share her story at The March of Dimes on Preterm Births. You can see more about her story here 


But this is just one of reasons I LOVE what I do. Not only did I get to see my dear friend again, but I got to meet her now complete family after she almost lost her life. Capturing these photographs of her beautiful children really just makes my heart happy. Life and loved ones are so precious and family is really the only thing that matters. Cherish it! 

Photos courtesy of Kalisha Randall