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How fun is it to watch 2 little boys grow up right before my camera? This family is super special to me, not only were they both in my wedding party but the Prices were I think my very first photoshoot attempt when I first got my camera and Amber was very soon expecting Tucker to arrive any day. We did a little sunset photo session on the golf course by my house. It was pretty good but definitely a learning experience. I was still trying to figure out how to use my new Canon Rebel T3, which is a great beginner camera BTW. It was easy to learn on and worked great. 

Now 6 years later and another little boy added to their family, we are at the Salt River shooting another beautiful family session. These two make beautiful boys obviously. They were looking so dapper and dare I say so grown up from the babies they were. And those piercing blue eyes are to die for! Mom did a such a great job styling herself and all her boys! Don't you love her dress? We had such great shoot with great weather and a little bit of cloud cover which makes shooting easy because we could pretty much shoot in any direction. We went from the River to the trees to out into the desert. Love this location for it's variety!     

So Ta DA!!!! Price Family Photos(late) 2018