How to Use Pinterest to Help Plan your Wedding

I had my dream wedding in April of 2016. My love and I have been a couple since the 90's but just didn't tie that knot for ohh.... 20 years or so. So after two beautiful children we decided to make it official and make me  Mrs Robinson. So when I was planning my wedding I was a Pinteresting fool. It helped me beyond belief organize my thoughts, research my ideas, inspire new ideas, how to budget and tons of tips and tricks. 

Since it was so helpful to me, I am a pinterest giver now as well. I pinned some of my favorites from my special day and added it to my board Mrs. Robinson. I was actually a second shooter for my wedding photographer, so much of how I shoot and what I learned, I learned from her. I am so grateful for her guidance and showing me her ways. I think it is so important for a wedding photographer to second shoot first before ever thinking they could just jump in and wing it. I mean of course I could wing it, but I would much rather have knowledge, experience  and confidence in my craft before selling my services. 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the actual wedding board I created for my wedding. I added some images to the board from my actual wedding as well. I think you can see the resemblance. I encourage you to create your own board for your wedding. You can add contributors to it so people like your bridesmaids and photographer can see your vision and even contribute to it. It is a great collaboration tool.

Some of you reading this may already know this, but some don't. I just wanted to share one of the tools I found most useful when planning my own wedding. After all I know what it is like to be a bride.

Here is a link to my Mrs. Robinson Board.

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