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"I wasn't going to even do a photoshoot, I just need one or two photos to have." Said Lisa....Ummmm nooooo ... you need a lot more than one or two. And you will never be sorry you did these. Not only was it a gorgeous morning at the Salt River in Mesa, AZ but it's so important to document these unique days of your life. Think about how short the last few months of your pregnancy are. I mean they feel like they take forever, I know but on the scale of your entire life it's just a moment in time. If you don't have photos to look back on, it might just fade from your memory.  Not being pregnant but the shape of your belly, how you loved rubbing it, the last few weeks before you became a mother and your life was forever changed. 

I adore maternity sessions and I am so happy to capture this special time in a woman's life. Especially for my sweet friend Lisa here who thought she would never be able to even have children. I can't wait to snuggle this sweet boy when he arrives in a few weeks.

- Sarah