Kirsti & Slater :: Xmas Session 2017 :: Mesa, AZ - sunshynepix

I have been photographing these two since Slater was in Kirsti's belly and I just love our sessions every year. Kirsti always has it so perfectly together. The theme, the outfits, the props and all I have to do is help with the location and capture the magic. And the magic never fails. This was the first year that Slater was like... into it too! He was all about it. "Let's take photos over here, and let's take photos over here!" and he followed instructions like a Pro I swear! All those years of photo sessions and he was actually learning how to be a good picture taker boy! So I adore this session... duhhh! Happy Holidays!

And I know I'm behind on blogging my sessions but I wanted to get this one out before Christmas to share the Christmas Spirit of it!