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I have been photographing this Mother Son pair every year since he was in her belly and we didn't even know he was a he yet. Every year we have to think about how to top our last photo session. I mean we've used, Generators and Fog machines, matching PJ's, it's always one of my favorite sessions of the year and I look forward to what Kirsti has in mind. The location of this Glamis Sand Dune Session was pretty much all we needed for a great adventure session. And of course Kirsti's Epic styling sense along with a more the cooperative 5 year old. He is so used to these photo sessions by now that he is literally like a little pro! Although getting Sand in his eyes was a slight setback, the tears eventually washed the sand out and we were back in action.

The smoke bombs were a big hit too, although not with the BLM and we did get a slight talking to about those and about our parking spot. But... it our defense we didn't mean to park there, we got a little stuck but decided to go ahead and start shooting and worry about getting unstuck later. Which was no problem. Can't waste the good light. So thank you for just the warning fellas!

So I'm  very proud to make my last photo session of 2018, my first official photo session blog post of 2019. And I intend to work my way backwards and get as many as I can blogged as well.

Be sure to check out  this rad momma's  IG @kirsti_marie