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It's easier than you think. The BEST way to Rock your engagement photoshoot is to make it about you! The two of you that is!

Think about what makes you two...a couple. What do you like to do together? How did you meet? Sure sure the photographs in a beautiful location with the perfect styled outfits are gorgeous, no denying that BUT.... do they represent you two as a couple??? Probably not.

Be sure to use a photographer that will listen and encourage your ideas. if you don't have any ideas off the top of your head, ask yourselves these questions.

- How do we spend our time together?

- What are our hobbies?

- How did we meet?

- What is our favorite Date night?

- What attracts us to each other?

Don't be afraid to take these answers and go with it. If you like going to the movies, go shoot our front of the Movie Theater with Popcorn and a Milkshake. If you like to Netflix and Chill, do an in home session with Popcorn and the Remote and a Blanket. If you like cooking, do a shoot in your kitchen cuddling over Pancakes. If you like going camping, fishing, hiking... do that! 

These days where everything is on social media, it  seems everything has been done, so no matter how beautiful the photos are, if they are not unique they will probably just blend in with all the other sessions out there. If you don't mind that then no worries at all. Do the usual. BUT... if you are craving some spice and something special you got to really think about what makes the two of you as a couple unique. And even if its something super common, I bet there are not many couples that will turn their every day normal life into an epic photoshoot to announce their love. And that my loves is what will make you ROCK your session.

Kielee and Derek had these awesome motorcycles. So what did we do? We did date night at Rustler's Roost in Phoenix, AZ. It is a historic Steak House on the top of South Mountain with epic views of the Valley. As usual Arizona delivered a beautiful sunset. They brought a change of clothes to switch it up from looking as though they just rode there to getting fancy for dinner. I love the storytelling of this session and I think that it really shows them as "Kielee and Derek" and not just another engaged couple. You want that "awe" factor. When their friends and family open their announcements or invites, you bet there will be "awe...'s" heard out loud. 

So don't stress about what to wear or where to go. Think about what "activity" you want to do and then styling it will come much more easy. You will know exactly what you will want to be wearing, how you want to look.

Hope this helps you make your engagement session ROCK!! I would love to help you brainstorm and come up with an Engagement Session that will be unique to you and your  Boo! Email photo@sunshynepix.com or call/txt 480-330-7848 to get started planning your session.

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