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Harlynn is another year older!  I look forward to her birthday photo sessions every year. She is so spunky and full of cuteness and personality that I just can't get enough of taking her photos. This year we opted for Downtown Gilbert, AZ as the location and.....Ice Cream!!! I mean,  it is her birthday. Every birthday girl deserves some ice cream right? Peterson's Ice Cream was the perfect place. Harlynn's dress perfectly matched the light teal and pink decor of the Ice Cream Parlor. 

And while we were in Downtown Gilbert we had to head over to the ever so popular white hallway by SoCal Tacos. It is so cute for photo opps. She picked out her mustard cardigan herself and it just worked so perfectly. So for a 4 year old, she has impeccable fashion sense already. And she sure does love her mamma, she wanted her pictures with her and insisted, which of course Danielle happily obliged. Moms getting in the frame with your little ones is so important. When children grow up, their favorite childhood photos are going to be the ones with their parents in them, guarantee it!

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Harlynn. You light up everyone's life around you. I'm so grateful to be able capture your cuteness every year! May you never get too old for Birthday photo sessions!