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The photo sessions really slow down in the summer months here in Mesa, AZ. But that doesn't stop me from finding a way to get my creative photo fix. Luckily my kids are always game to be my subjects and go along with my crazy suggestions. I think they like it because I feel like I'm playing so they are just playing with me.

For my underwater shots I'm just using a GoPro Hero 4. I take short video clips and grab a photo (a frame) from the video to get the pic I want. I have an underwater camera on my wish list, but until I get one, this will have to do.

Good underwater shots don't  come straight out of the  camera at least not straight out of the GoPro anyway. I have to work on them in Lightroom and photoshop to get them to POP! But that is where the artistry comes in. I know when I'm shooting exactly what I can do with the photo in post. I've included some SOOC shots so you can see what I start with. 

For these shots, I knew I wanted the background to be dark. But the pool pebble isn't mush of a good background. So I draped a dark sheet on one of the sides that was in the shadows. Then I had the kids swim back and forth in front of the sheet in the light. I makes for some great streaks and rim light which I love!

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you enjoyed the post!

Before and Afters

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