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Sabrina might have had the easiest pregnancy and birth experience I've ever heard of. Her pregnancy was super easy. She felt great, no morning sickness, complications or anything. She did get the Flu while pregnant which is never fun, but that was about it. Her bump was barely noticeable until about 8 months along. We shot her maternity session at 36 weeks. I usually recommend shooting around 30 weeks so you don't feel so huge during your photos, but as you can see... her baby bump was not huge!

It was a beautiful December day here is Mesa, AZ and we headed out to one of my favorite locations, the Salt River. We were even lucky enough to get the tiniest little sprinkle to for a few minutes to get some majestic rain drop shots. Not to mention the gorgeous stormy skies were a photographer's dream to shoot. The Fall colors were popping as well. Yes it was fall in December, that's how we do in AZ.. ha ha. 

Sabrina went into labor on her due date, who does that? It took about 12 hours from when she was admitted to when she was ready to push. Her body got there all on its own too. Being my first birth photography experience, I was just so excited. My own births are such a blur and I wanted to make sure I captured everything I could. About an hour of so of pushing and out came a beautiful, healthy 6.7lb baby girl just as perfect as could be. It was such a magical experience, and I'm so thankful to have gotten to be a part of it all. 

So here are the photos from our beautiful maternity session as well as a video of the birth story. Enjoy!