About time I added some "FUN" to my "Fun and Photography" Blog. Summer's in Arizona are all about the pool. We swim almost everyday, so even that can get boring for the kiddos. On this day we filled up a bunch of water balloons and instead of diving for the usual diving sticks, we went diving for water balloons and boy was it fun. They are so fun to chase because they don't sink or float... they are the same buoyancy as the water so they just do their own thing and make it a challenge to try and grab them... like they are alive or something. The kids had a blast.

I also had a great time photographing it. I used my old GoPro. Its first generation so it's not the best resolution. I can't decide if I want to upgrade my GoPro or get an underwater housing for my DSLR. I kind of like the randomness that the GoPro catches. It just takes time releases shots, so its fun to download and just.... see what shots you got!