Araya's Golden 9th Birthday - sunshynepix

This year is my daughter's Golden Birthday. She is turning 9 years old and the 9th of June,  2019. Since she is also my inspiration and my muse for my photography journey she of course deserves a Golden Birthday Photo session. She is named after Rays of Sunshine and my Photography business is named after her. Araya Sunshyne hence Sunshyne Pix. She inspired me to get a real  camera to capture her cuteness when she was a baby. Although I didn't do so until she was 2 years old I knew as soon as I did that photography was my calling, my talent, and my gift to the world. 

She is also my gift to the world. I know this child is destined to do amazing things. She's smart, creative, ambitious, adventurous, girly, tough, helpful... I could go on and on. She is the light of my life and I'm so proud to be her Mother.

She was so excited for this photoshoot. While we were cleaning up her room she found a barbie doll that she hasn't played with in ages. This was a golden barbie as well. The perfect companion for her photoshoot as well as glitter and a balloon and golden light at golden hour.

So happy birthday to my amazing girl! You are loved so much and I hope all your dreams come true!