5 Tips to Make your Wedding Rad!

Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days of your life. You put so much thought, time and money into making it as great as you can. But you already know that. I'm going to get right to the point of this. How do I make my wedding RAD??!!

The wedding that people can't stop talking about how much fun they had, can't stop posting photos on social media of how much fun they were having. Have the wedding where nobody leaves right after the meal and speeches. Have the wedding where you close the venue down.

Here are my favorite 5 ways to make this happen!

1. A photobooth

 - This is by the far I think the number one way to get your guest having fun! Why?? Well first of all, everyone is dressed up and looking amazing and no matter how many selfies they may take with their  cell phones, nothing compares to a real camera with great lighting. Add some cocktails and some funny props to the mix and BOOM!! Laughter, ridiculousness, and all sorts of shenanigans develop. 

- It gives the guests something to do. You can only socialize and small talk so much, you can only dance til your feet fall off. So this is a fun activity, everyone can keep going back with different people, different props and keep the fun rolling all night. Kids love it and even the most reserved people can get crazy in a photo booth.

- Finally, everyone is going to want to share the photos. So your fun amazing wedding night is going to be posted on the majority of your guests social media. Not that this really does anything for you BUT.... it makes people talk. "looks like your wedding was a blast" "omg how fun!" "everyone looks like they are having the best time!" etc. And since this one of  the happiest days of your life... YES you want that!


2. Music....DUH... Obviously this is important. But I'm not just talking about the reception. Having special songs in the ceremony is a great way to create a RAD vibe like when the groomsmen walk out, you don't have to play here comes the bride for the bride. Play something that fits you guys. And exit music...after the kiss... the announcement..."I now pronounce you...blah blah"...Play something good! Get the excitement going, play something that stirs up emotion.         

Here are some links to some awesome wedding playlist ideas




.3. Signature Cocktails.

If you have a signature cocktail, most people will drink it. And it  adds a special uniqueness to your day. Something as simple as a Sangria with some sort of twist. A unique name that applies to the couple or location they met or special place or named after their pet. Just something unique to the bride and groom, the location or their life together in general.




4. A Custom Hashtag.

Remember all those photos from the photobooth I mentioned. Well those are going to be posted online most likely. If people have a custom hashtag to use, it's like a virtual automated photo album that you didn't even have to lift  finger to create, it creates itself. Not only photo booth photos but pics from everyone's cell phones and selfies as well.  Some cell phones shots are legit good so you might get a shot that your photographer didn't get that was amazing for free! Coming up with the hashtag is pretty fun too. You can blend your names some how, make your name a verb, add soul mates into it somehow, all kinds of twists on names can be done. If you are having a hard time coming up with one, ask your friends for some of their creativity insight. Start a poll. There are even hashtag generators you can use.




5. Lighting-Lighting is everything. It sets the mood, creates the ambiance. Color therapy is real thing. Colors trigger feeling and emotions. And if everyone is looking excellent in great lighting, everyone feels so much better about themselves, they have more fun, and they feel more relaxed. Ugly harsh lighting really does have a negative effect of people's moods and ability to have fun... legit! Make sure you see your venue's lighting at night. If its ugly... do something. Hire a lighting person. Buy lights.... something. Just make sure its beautiful!