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Off the Shoulder

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I like start with one pattern or statement piece and pair everyone else from that color palette. Everyone can pull a different color from the pattern. This technique seems to work really well. I recommend starting with Mom, find what you She wants to wear first so that she loves it and then go from there. Add hats, scarves, jackets to shoot with and with out to switch up looks on the fly.

I'm always available to give opinions and input if you need help too!

These are just a few examples to get you inspired and looking around. I love unique styles and ideas and am always open to what you like. The photos are going to be yours so you should wear what makes you comfortable.

My suggestions are, don't show your arms unless they are very toned. Nothing too tight, or too short. That's why I think long flowy dresses work so well in photos. They hide bra strap lines, underwear lines etc and they aren't too form fitting. They do say the camera adds 10lbs and I happen to believe that. Plus they create movement in photos which I love as well. 

No neon, No big logos!